Evelyn Magyari Lopez

Evelyn is one of the top and most sought-after zouk teachers, performers, and choreographers in the world. She is also a ray of beautiful loving sunshine here to share that energy with everyone she encounters! 

Evelyn’s career started in Romania (Transylvania) in her early childhood where she learned the art of body form and flow through the discipline and extremities of rhythmic gymnastics. She further developed these abilities during her school years, where she enjoyed street dancing, performed on dance teams, and created diverse choreographies. While working her first career as a professional Dental Technician, Evelyn simultaneously explored Salsa, Modern Dance, Ballroom, Flamenco, and instructed Zumba to increase her dance repertoire.

Then in 2006 she was confronted with her destiny: Brazilian Zouk. She immediately fell in love with this dance, and it has been her passion ever since. Over the years, while studying and working abroad within her professional dance career, Evelyn performed and taught in more than 30 countries all over the world. Evelyn partnered with many prolific Zouk leaders such as Pasty, Adilio Porto, Mafie Zouker, Xandy Liberato and many more at international congresses. During this time, she also added Contemporary dance to her foundation as a Brazilian Zouk artist.

According to Evelyn, dancing Zouk is “surrendering in the moment with a balanced mental and physical state, combining creativity with inner-beauty, while existing in harmony with the music.”

Evelyn embodies a unique approach to dance – an art of moving, expressing and interpreting the music gracefully and fluently. Her talents inspire dancers around the world to express their dance from their hearts.

Presently, Evelyn is still sharing her love and passion for Brazilian Zouk, gratefully combining the beauty of being in love with her forever thankful, inspirational, and beloved husband Derrick.

Rachel Meth

Rachel is a dedicated and passionate teacher, dancer, event organizer, traveler, and nature enthusiast! She is also the founder and director of EMBODIED LLC, including the umbrella programs of Embodied Dance, Embodied Life, Embodied Youth, and Embodied Retreats. Her deep passion is to empower others, connect and build community, as well as to inspire an embodied, joyful, and compassionate life through dance, movement, and mindfulness practices. Her enthusiasm for teaching has inspired both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education.

Rachel has been training in various dance forms since 2003, and while living in Buenos Aires in 2009, she discovered and fell head over heels in love with Brazilian Zouk. She had never before experienced a partner dance that embodied such flow, connection, and dynamic yet natural movements. During her dance, movement, and mindfulness journey, Rachel also discovered Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, 5-Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Reiki, and Meditation. She began synthesizing and integrating these practices to teach her own format of movement and mindfulness in schools, after-school programs, and dance teaching experiences. She now travels, trains, and teaches in communities all over the world, helping to plant and nourish the seed of zouk, embodied practices, mindfulness, and an open heart wherever she goes. Rachel has also worked as a school teacher for over 15 years, has been a featured artist at various events and festivals, and is the organizer of NCZoukFest and other festivals and retreats including Dances of Love Festival Hawaii, Evoking the Muse Women’s RetreatEmbodied Zouk Retreat New Zealand, and Embodied Zouk Retreat Sedona. Rachel is committed to offering a different type of experience in her classes, events, and retreats that explores the journey of mind, body, and spirit through movement and stillness, joyful and loving awareness, creative expression, and nourishing connection.